In addition to our annual penmanship contest, the Menasha Education Fund's endowment has been actively awarding teaching grants and student scholarships within the Menasha Joint School District for over 20 years. From field trips to reading materials and classroom supplies, our foundation giving has awarded school grant funding to a variety of educational programs and projects. Examples include:

  • Literacy Development - books and learning tools such as KEEP sets for pre-K through second grade, guided reading for the ELL library, magnetic letters; multicultural awareness literature kit; reading/writing workshop; cultural read aloud activities
  • Language - Spanish classroom materials; Japanese software and "backpack" take-home centers
  • Health and Fitness - cooking supplies and monthly cooking project for students with learning disabilities; cold frame garden fresh vegetable project; exercise balls; Family Fitness Initiative
  • Arts - historical costumes and fabric supplies for plays; Artist in Residence program; Little House on the Prairie
  • Author Visits - Hosting fees for Barbara Haworth-Attard, David Greenberg, Chris Cutler and other authors
  • Special Events - Rachel's Challenge speaker assembly; Red Grammer singer/songwriter performance; Earth Day presentations
  • Field Trips - Milwaukee Art Museum, Heckrodt Wetland Reserve
  • Technology - assistive technology to aid students with disabilities

Words of Thanks
iPod Docking Station for PE Class